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Peter  Cinotto started in agility in 2010 with his son's dog Lucy. Lucy was a red and white Border Collie. Lucy and Pete came together after his son asked for a dog and went to look at a litter of puppies. Pete sat in the grass as the kids played with the puppies to figure out which one they would like but the decision was being made by the puppy that came over to him and sat in his lap. Pete's son and Lucy started attending agility classes together while Pete and Lucy would practice together at home with equipment made from whatever could be found around the house. A board to the picnic table was like a dogwalk, sticks stuck in the ground were like weave poles and pipes on rocks were like jumps. Pete liked agility so much that he got other dogs for his sons and kept Lucy for himself. Pete and Lucy started competing in agility competitions until Lucy was competing in the AKC Masters level when she was lost to an accident. The loss was hard to take but Pete wanted to continue to be part of agility so he started training with his son's dog Misty. Pete and Misty became a competitive team in AKC and USDAA agility. Pete set his goal on going to AKC Nationals and world team tryouts then started increasing his agility training to a nearly daily regiment. Pete and Misty have attended the AKC nationals in 2018 to present, the USA European Open Tryouts in 2018 to present, USDAA Masters Challenge Cup in 2018 to present  USDAA Cynosports in 2019 to present and 2019 AKC World Agility Championship Tryouts in 2019 to present. Pete has studied and learned agility to  find ways to be competitive  at international style courses.

Alice Cinotto has been training and competing in agility since 2009 and has worked with a wide variety of dogs, both "on" and "off" breeds. Alice is known for her teaching ability, her ways of bringing out speed and confidence in soft or stressy dogs and her clear, smooth, and consistent handling on course. She competes in USDAA, AKC, & UKI and has attended regional and national events, making podium placements with each of her three dogs. Alice competed overseas at the 2017 IFCS World Agility Championships with her 6 year old Border Collie Tess and again in 2018 with her 2 year old Border Collie Mystery, earning multiple top 10 placements, and most recently was named as an alternate team member to the USA’s 2020 European Open team.

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