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The Agility Field offers seminars and workshops on many different topics. Instructors Pete and Alice also offer traveling nationwide to present seminars for interested groups. Click here for a list of our upcoming seminars. We are always happy to tailor topics according to what your group may be specifically interested in working on however here is also a list of our most popular topics offered-


  • Foundation Agility: introduction to flatwork, basic obstacle performance familiarization, body awareness and developing a balanced attitude for training in your agility dog

  • Young Dogs Skills & Drills: Novice/pre-Novice teams working on furthering their foundation skills, finessing obstacle performance and beginning handling in sequences

  • Course Analysis/Handling: ~Masters level coursework & handling, the finer points of reading a course & making decisions on dog/handler options

  • Premier/International Coursework: working skills such as obstacle discriminations, tight turns, backside jumps, threadles, layering, etc in coursework that pushes the handler to handle proactively while remaining on the move

  • Brain Games: working on the mental side of agility on topics such as developing/maintaining connection, efficient walk-throughs, smooth & fluid handling transitions, consistency in handling cues, working through challenges when something goes wrong, memorizing courses, etc

  • Weave Poles, Stopped Contacts, Running Contacts (mat method), and General Agility Troubleshooting (each topic within this last group is offered as its own 1/2 day workshop

If you are interested in seminars please contact us to discuss options and we would be happy to schedule a seminar with you.

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