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I hereby waive and release Agility Field their agents from any and all liability of any nature, for injury or damage which I or my dog may suffer, including specifically, but without limitation to, any injury or damage resulting from the action of any dog, and I expressly assume the risk of such damage or injury while attending any training session or while on the training grounds or the surrounding area. 

In consideration of and as an inducement to the acceptance of my application for Dog Agility with Agility Field, I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Agility Field and their agents from any and all claims, or claims by any member of any family or any other person accompanying me to any training session or while on the grounds or the surrounding area there to as a result of any action by any dog, including my own. 

The undersigned acknowledges that there are inherent risks involved in the use of the Agility Field's facilities and activities, which include but are not limited to the following: 

a. The propensity of any animal to behave in ways that may result in injury, harm and death to persons or animals around it. 

b. The unpredictability of any animal's reaction to such things as sounds, sudden movement and unfamiliar surroundings, objects, persons and animals. 

c. The potential of any student, guest or participant to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to injury to such individual or others such as failing to maintain control over his or her animal or not acting within the individual's ability. 

d. The variations in terrain. 

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